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About Me

My art is an expression of the soul. With my brush I work to unearth and enliven the spirit of my subject. For me, painting is the process of reconnection; while painting I become whole again and am re-centered within the peace and purpose of creation. Equally, reconnection is activated through energetic understanding between painter, painting and viewer when all three souls align for a harmonious moment.


My articulation of death is a contemplation of life. The skull, a raw earth sculpture, contains the universal material that holds together all life, all beings. You need not look closely into the bone to feel how alive she really is, as she is a reflection of the life in you. The skull is a symbol of belonging, a vessel for soul, and a celebration of breath and aliveness. In death may we find reconnection.


I am currently an Emerging Artist in Residence at St. Olaf College, living out of Minneapolis. I grew up in the beautiful valley of Carmel, California.


Born 2000 Monterey, California

Education and Residencies

2023 - BA Studio Art & Art History, St. Olaf College | Northfield, MN

magna cum laude

2023, 2024  - Emerging Artist in Residence, St. Olaf College | Northfield, MN

Selected Exhibitions

2023, 2022 Juried Student Show, Groot Gallery | Northfield, MN

2020 - Wise Women, Patricia Qualls Gallery | Carmel, CA

2020 - Expressions, Rolvaag Memorial Library, St. Olaf College | Northfield, MN

2019 - For the Love of Art, Carmel Art Association | Carmel, CA 

people's choice award

Group Exhibitions

2024 - With Love, Q.arma Building | Minneapolis, MN

2024 - Emerging Artist Showcase, Northfield Arts Guild | Northfield, MN

2024 - Emerging Artist Gallery for Medical Alley Summit | Minneapolis, MN

2023 - In Progress Loading, Flaten Art Museum | Northfield, MN

2023 - Senior Art Showcase, Flaten Art Museum | Northfield, MN

2020 - Detached Identity, Northfield Arts Guild | Northfield, MN

2018 - Miniatures Exhibition, Monterey Museum of Art | Monterey, CA

Upcoming Shows

May 2024 - Art-A-Whirl, Q.arma Building | Minneapolis, MN

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